My toolkit for feeling good

I felt like sharing my toolkit for feeling good and grounded, in case anyone needs an inspiration.

Nourishing myself with food. Eating regularly and foods that are good for my body, taking my vitamins and probiotics.

Movement! Dancing around my home, working out or doing yoga. (My favorite online yoga resource: Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.)

Resetting my mind and body with breathing exercises and meditation. Simple, deep breaths are great, but I also love learning new breathing techniques. (Currenly my favorite breathing technique is Wim Hof method.)

Singing! Singing is also a form of breathing exercise, but a form of play and self expression, too.

Listening to music.

Resetting my mind and body with EFT tapping.*

Learning something new. Mostly by reading heaps of books.

Writing, journaling, drawing, painting. Writing a letter.




Taking a nap. Sleeping at least 7 hours a night.

Watching a great movie. Watching inspiring interviews or tv shows.

Cleaning up and organising my home. Taking care of my plants.

Calling a friend or a family member, checking on my loved ones.

Reading the news from trustworthy resources and only sharing content I find true and useful.

It’s been a tough and strange week. What are your tools to take care of yourself?

*EFT tapping is an emotional freedom technique that helps me to relax my nervous system and change any harmful stories I’m telling myself. I use this method for ANYTHING that’s bugging me in my life or limiting me and have successfully used it for two years. I will write more about this in detail later. If you want to try the method, as it is easy, effective and free, you can do it with guidance from YouTube videos (by Brad Yates and Gala Darling, for example), or check out the Tapping Solution app. There’s also a book about EFT tapping by Nick Ortner, which I highly recommend.


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