Fridays for the future

Are you feeling hopeless, fearful, frustrated, angry or anxious about the world?

I hear you. I see you.

Who wouldn’t, right? 

There might be a way we could use these emotions as important information, a catalyst for change. What if these emotions exist in our minds and our bodies as a way to yell us to stop? That by continuing the way we do, we’re going to crash and burn pretty soon.

You’re not feeling any better, are you? 

I think the loud and clear stop sign is there for a reason. Even though you personally are not responsible for the climate crisis or the spreading of corona virus that’s affecting the economy of the whole world, I firmly believe that finding peace is done through action, an inspired action for a better world.

What does a hopeful and equal world look like? How can we as a whole humanity be better? Think about it, dream about it, let your imagination run wild. It will, if you allow it.

But dreaming alone isn’t enough, you need action, consistent action. You don’t need to solve every problem in the world, start from one. One problem that you’d love to see solved. Focus only on the things you can change, or else you’ll go crazy.

As we all share the same fears right now, as there is no one completely unaffected by the coronavirus or the climate crisis, I think about the beautiful words of Chip Conley: ”And I couldn’t help but feel that at this moment, there was also an opportunity for us to come together in a new spirit of cooperation and love—a moment for the world to realize that we all share the same journey.” What if instead of turning against each other and looking for someone to blame, we learned to solve problems together?

These questions might be helpful in your quest for a hopeful future: What habits can I change or tune? Am I able to teach sustainable practices in any area of living? Is there something that’s stopping me from acting and actively making a change? How can I remove that limit? Can I create systems that support my sustainable choices? Where can I be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem?

Approaching these questions with compassion and curiosity is essential. Drop the judgment, love.

Can I donate money to this cause? Can I connect with other great minds, get curious with them and create new ideas? Can I make a change locally? Can I improve things at my workplace or school? Can I change the way I think? Can I have difficult conversations about important stuff and learn to be okay with disagreeing with others as the world isn’t black and white? 

Can I contact businesses and demand more transparency and sustainable practices? Can I improve my relationship with nature and feel more connected with it? Can I educate myself? Is there important information I could be spreading? Are there scientists or activists we should be listening to right now and can I spread their word? 

And if, like in this case, we can’t strike on the streets, let’s strike online. We see a problem, we find a solution.

Whatever you choose to do, I’m here rooting for you. I’m here rooting for us.

Always create more than you criticize.

And wash your hands.

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