opportunities in quarantine

an opportunity to rest,
to sleep late,
to live on my own schedule,
to pleasure myself often,

an opportunity to learn new a skill, or a few,
to draw,
to photograph this strange time,
to read books,
to dance by myself,
to dance with friends on a video call,
to dance with strangers at online dance parties,

an opportunity to spend time in nature,
to appreciate the beautiful world around me,
to find peace,

an opportunity to connect with my friends in different ways,
to learn to be braver and more vulnerable with them,
to learn to say how much I care about them when it’s harder to show it through actions,

an opportunity to dress up each day just for my own pleasure,⠀
or not to dress at all,
to wear make up for myself,
or not at all,
to dye my hair,
cut my hair,
to distinguish what I do to please others, and what I do to please myself,

an opportunity to journal,
to ask tough questions from myself,
did I appreciate and show appreciation to the people and things I’m really missing right now?
what kind of normal do I want to create after this quarantine ends

what can I learn from this?

an opportunity to ask fun questions from myself,⠀
which version of fun am I going to choose today?⠀
what lights me up right now?⠀
how can I make this time more joyful for someone I love?

an opportunity to sit with my feelings,⠀
to lie in bed and think,⠀
to sit on my balcony and watch the clouds pass by,

an opportunity to dream about the fun times that will come after the quarantine,⠀
to dream about hugging my friends,⠀
dancing with my friends at live gigs,⠀
dating like my life depends on it,⠀
being moved by art exhibitions and movies at the cinema,

an opportunity to try new recipes,⠀
to realize I could live with vegetable soups, coffee and chocolate,

an opportunity to discover new music,⠀
to create new playlists for different kind of quarantine moods, and after-quarantine moods, too,

an opportunity to have real, beautiful conversations with people,⠀
to ponder what it really means to be a human in this life at this time,⠀
to feel close, seen, connected, while being apart,

an opportunity to show up each day as the real, raw you.


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